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The Illusive Journey to Balance


It seems so simple yet so difficult to achieve, a state of balance. For a long time when people would ask me to help them understand Ayurveda I would struggle to explain various Sanskrit terms, what they mostly meant and how to incorporate the various ways that those things would somehow help them. This would take way to long and lead to much confusion and complexity that would only add another obstacle between them and their goal of achieving their goals of balance, health and happiness…As Dr Lad would say “What to do, what to do”?

Then it hit me- the truly magnificent reason that Ayurveda speaks so deeply to my heart- ITS SO SIMPLE. You don’t have to know about Sanskrit, nor do you have to understand the philosophical principals nor do you have to uncover some hidden secret. You just have to listen, to YOURSELF!

Sure, the complexities, the Sanskrit, the philosophy, the herbs, the prayer, and the mystical are all there. For those so inclined, it is a life-long and life-changing study. But for those of us who just want to know once and or all how to feel a little more happy, get a little more energy, how to have better digestion or how to get rid of that unwanted weight- iTS EASY! Our bodies tell us stuff all the time, we just have to listen. Things like fatigue, constipation, gas, irritability all are signals from our bodies asking for help to regain balance.

The fastest and most effective way to get there is to give yourself what you need. What we need to do that is sometimes easier to decipher then others, but most of the time- well, its pretty straight forward. Here’s the catch- once we figure out what we need we need to give it to ourselves. I think this can be where folks end up needing the most help.

Here’s the deal- If your tired, get some rest. Cancel your day, and take good care of yourself, whatever that means. Maybe you still use day care of child care so you can sleep or get a massage. Your irritable, go surround yourself with sweetness. Maybe take a walk in the gardens, watch a sweet movie or call your sweetest friend and spend time with them. Your stressed out and perhaps constipated? Maybe slow down and take a break. Be sure to give your body the time it needs to release (literally and figuratively) and hydrate really well. Your digestion a mess? Simplify your meals and take out any foods that could be causing and allergic reaction for a while. Drink warm water with lemon in the morning. Can’t shed the extra pounds, try cutting out all sugar and refined flour and increase your intake of veggies and watch your body thrive!

Our bodies are so full of intelligence and information. In fact, we are exceptional systems at finding balance easefully when we are given what we need to it. Slowing down long enough to hear what our bodies are saying is tough. Implementing what we need can be even harder. We are rarely applauded for taking a day off to rest or supported in our efforts to create stronger boundaries. Our culture is one that over glorifies stressed out run down people. Our food is processed and damaged by chemicals and GMO’s which leak vital minerals from our bodies. We are in a race to the bitter, lonely, constipated, stressed out and depleted end.

So it is a brave soul, a warrior who will fight for themselves. Who will be brave enough to admit they are tired, sick or depleted and then do something to nourish themselves. Today it really is a courageous act to try and shop for organic foods, to put ourselves and our happiness ahead of others or take a day off to rest or be with our families.

It is my sincere hope that we get better and better at listening and learning from or bodies and maybe even more difficult, giving ourselves what we need.

If you would like some guidance with discovering what it is your body may be asking for or support around the process of how to give that to yourself you can call and make an appointment with one of our Ayurvedic Practitioners who can help you step by step uncover the signals of your body and support you through various techniques and herbs. Ultimately, it is our goal to give you back your power over your health and happiness and we love helping people thrive. (In fact, our Deep Roots membership makes this super easy as you can meet with one of our ayurvedic practioners 1/week AND receive unlimited yoga, plus a bunch of other awesome stuff).

Most Importantly make it fun! Finding what makes your body mind and spirit sing is a great and exciting exploration! Play with it. Realize that this is a road paved with possibilities and is most definitely not about perfection. Try new things and then observe how you feel. This is the absolute best way possible to really begin to get to know yourself on seriously deep levels. Never be critical, only curious. Find the joyfulness in loving yourself in every state and revel in how great it feels to be the creator of your health and happiness!

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