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Behold- The Power Of A Neti Pot!


As we transition into fall, one of the things we may be concerned with is staying strong and healthy so we don’t fall victim to the onslaught of colds and flu that will be soon hitting the streets. With this one tool, you can cut down your likely hood of catching a cold by 90%!!! Okay, okay that is just my personal experience- but true!

As a new mom caring for her sick 20 month old I was totally freaked when his snotty drool landed in my mouth while playing.  TMI – probably. However I was devastated.  I have ZERO time for a cold.  So I literally ran for my netti.  Over the next couple of days I felt a slightly scratchy throat come on and I doubled the salt in my netti solution.  Voila! GONE! ( yes- it burned a little)

Never used one before? Its so EASY!  You buy the netti pot, fill it with salt and water and pour the water through each nostril.  Period. Make this a daily habit before bed and give yourself a leg up on fighting off whatever happens to be taking everyone else out.

Psssst….a few other tips:

– Bolster you immunity with a zinc and immunity complex

– Avoid cold dry and mucus causing foods (dairy at night, too much meat, cold salads and smoothies)

– Eat easy to digest meals. Stick to just one protein per meal and don’t eat fruit and yogurt together

– Get good rest 😉

Cheers to a happy and healthy fall Y’all!




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