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Why Take A Yoga Teacher Training and Choosing One That Is Right For You


There are plenty of Yoga Teacher Training programs out there, so how do you choose? Why take one? And how does our training stand out from the rest? Well, there are a million reasons to take a teacher training, and here are just a few:

  • Go beyond the weekly class experience and delve into the vast and ancient areas of study that yoga has to offer!
  • Enrich your relationship with yourself and your environment through the lens of Ayurveda
  • Explore the internal landscape of yoga poses through breath, biomechanics and the uniqueness of each person’s body
  • Delight in the subtler experience of going inward through meditation, chanting and philosophy.
  • Gain friends and colleagues, and a community who will offer support for a lifetime
  • Uncover a grounded, empowered and joyful experience of life
  • Enjoy an environment that fosters being well and healthy
  • Help others discover the joy of yoga through teaching
  • Create freedom and flexibility in your job
  • Commit to something you care deeply about

Grassroots Yoga teacher training graduates report that the program profoundly impacts their practice, and gives them the tools to effectively teach others. Our trainees study and grow within a supportive environment; they find community, and experience health and wellness as a central component to their job. They get to explore the yoga tradition through the diverse lenses of Ayurveda, anatomy, and philosophy. Upon graduating, they have the opportunity to build their own schedule, and of course get to enjoy their new work uniform of…super comfortable yoga pants! Need we go on? Sure, other programs may offer some of these benefits. So why take the GRASSROOTS YOGA TEACHER TRAINING?

Our program:

  • Is registered with Yoga Alliance, meaning your teaching certification will be recognized anywhere you go!
  • Has a 90% job placement rate after completion of the program—one of the highest in the state!
  • Includes unlimited weekly yoga classes, as well as opportunities to expand your learning through specialty workshops and series.
  • Meets one weekend per month over the course of a year, allowing you to deeply integrate what you learn. Longer trainings like this one yield more confident and prepared graduates—you have time for your questions and curiosities to expand and get addressed under the long-term guidance of the most qualified teachers in the state.
  • Unlike many programs out there, we’re dedicated to a practical approach, where teachers have plenty of opportunity to experience teaching in a safe and constructive setting, not simply be lectured to.

The Grassroots Yoga teacher training features the most renowned and experienced teachers in their fields, including:

  • Joe Barnett: a master at teaching Functional Anatomy and subtle body as well as a senior student and assistant of Paul Grilley, the founder of Yin Yoga.
  • Douglas Brooks is a scholar of Hinduism, south Asian languages, and the comparative study of religions. He is a professor at the University of Rochester, and teaches philosophy to yoga teachers and students worldwide.
  • Kashyapa Fisher: an Ayurvedic Practitioner and teacher, providing insight into education in Samskrt, Ayurveda and Classical Vedic Studies through the beautiful and intricate stories that lie within each of these.
  • Stephanie Kroack: Owner at Grassroots Yoga. Stephanie received her 300 hour vinyasa flow training at Yoga Flow in Tucson, is a graduate of Dr. Vasant Lad’s Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque, NM and holds two bachelor’s degrees in Business from the University of Arizona. Within her dynamic classes she inspires laughter and fun while passionately communicating wisdom yoga and Ayurveda have to offer.
  • Erin Hansbrough: Owner of Grassroots Yoga. Erin is an E-RYT 500 level yoga teacher, and a member of the International Association of Yoga Therapists. She also holds a Masters in Community Planning and Latin American Studies. Erin has been teaching yoga since 2001, and loves working with students in both the group and private setting.

At Grassroots Yoga we support your practice, we offer a vast and powerful toolbox and empower you to craft both your practice and your future teaching. Ready to grow with us?




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    I would like to know when your next yoga teacher training starts? Can you also give me more details on price and payment plans? Thank you!

    Reem Jaber

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    I would like to know when the next yoga teacher program starts, what are the class schedule and the costs.

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  • Annette Escudero

    Hello, I am interested in taking teacher training 300hr. I would like a scheduling and pricing/deadlines as well as any other information that would be helpful. thank you.

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