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5 Ayurvedic Tips on Keepin’ Your Cool this Summer:


1. Try infusing your water with refreshing herbs and veggies…For example:
-Watermelon & Mint
-Cucumbers Slices
-Fresh Lime & Mint
-Grapefruit & Rosemary

This will help you stay hydrated while enjoying the wonderful properties of the fruit and herbs. Delish!

2. Keep away from anything excessively spicy or oily. Add coconut and cilantro to your meals for an added cooling and flavor!

3. Keep your head covered with a scarf or hat and wear sunglasses to prevent too much heat going to the head causing headache and fatigue.

4. Spritz yourself with a homemade or store bought distallate made with rose or hibiscus anytime you feel dragged down by the warming temperature.

5. Have fun! Try to spend time doing things that bring you laughter and joy. Avoid too much over thinking and over work when possible.

To a fun filled and chill summer this year!

Much love,



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