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“This is a great studio for yogis and yoginis of all skill levels. It is a welcoming, judgment free environment that is enhanced by the instructors’ interest in every student that walks in the door. Furthermore they provide many opportunities to engage in the local yoga community with weekly events in and outside the studio.

Love it, recommend it, check it out!!!”

A New Year Calls for New Beginnings

With a New Year comes new beginnings. So far in the month of January, it has proven to be as such. I started this new year with a 200 hour yoga teachers training course to take me out of my comfort zone and allow myself to experience this with an open heart and above all see where it leads me. I had never dreamed
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Dive into 2015 with Compassionate Courage ❤

As we kick off this New Year am flooded with the opportunity to cultivate courage, compassionately. In this process I am re-defining what that word means to me. It can’t just be all power, all effort, all fire and all battle. I realize now that in the past I really used to think that having courage meant being ready for the fight, taking something
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Organizing Change: Saraswati

A new year is an exciting occasion: a perennial opportunity for do-overs, makeovers, fresh starts, changes.We often start with great ideas, eager to dive in to our shiny new plans for life. With such great intentions, why do so few new year’s resolutions (some reports say just 8%) come to fruition? What’s the deal? Who do we contact about this? Well, in the words
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