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This Holiday Season Gift Yourself or a Friend to a Winter Recharge Package!

We hand-picked the most effective tools to de-stress, relax and revitalize you this holiday season. You’ll enjoy two one-on-one sessions with our yoga specialists and two ayuvrvedic consultations focusing on diet, lifestyle and a yoga practice tailored to you. Cost: $200

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“This is a great studio for yogis and yoginis of all skill levels. It is a welcoming, judgment free environment that is enhanced by the instructors’ interest in every student that walks in the door. Furthermore they provide many opportunities to engage in the local yoga community with weekly events in and outside the studio.

Love it, recommend it, check it out!!!”

Shifting the Balance: How Yoga Helps Create New Habits

It’s a whole new year. Like many people, you may feel motivated by the fresh start the new calendar offers. Because it’s going to be awesome! You are going to quit eating sugar and exercise every day and quit yelling at your kids and dance like nobody’s watching, dammit! 2016 is IT, man! And this year really might be it. The one where big
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Expectation, Indulgence and Some Yoga for the Holidays

The bright lights and luminarias, the smells of home cooking, the excitement (and stress) of procuring innumerable trinkets for those we love, the anticipation of embraces from those seen too many days past- and the all too likely culmination of disappointments and food-induced comas- torpor that beseeches coffee as its only effective medicament. We work so hard… to stay afloat, to provide for the
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Behold- The Power Of A Neti Pot!

As we transition into fall, one of the things we may be concerned with is staying strong and healthy so we don’t fall victim to the onslaught of colds and flu that will be soon hitting the streets. With this one tool, you can cut down your likely hood of catching a cold by 90%!!! Okay, okay that is just my personal experience- but
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