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We will be closed Saturday July 4th, 2015. See you all again Sunday July 5th!

“This is a great studio for yogis and yoginis of all skill levels. It is a welcoming, judgment free environment that is enhanced by the instructors’ interest in every student that walks in the door. Furthermore they provide many opportunities to engage in the local yoga community with weekly events in and outside the studio.

Love it, recommend it, check it out!!!”

Fear, Courage and Movement: Possibility Begins in the Body

As you might have concluded from watching the news or reading your Facebook feed, the last couple of weeks have been an amazing, and upsetting, and confounding time to be alive. Things I thought we might never see happen have happened, things both joyful and horrific. Marriage equality and the murderous attack on black people praying in their church—in  the span of one week,
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5 Ayurvedic Tips on Keepin’ Your Cool this Summer:

1. Try infusing your water with refreshing herbs and veggies…For example: -Watermelon & Mint -Cucumbers Slices -Fresh Lime & Mint -Grapefruit & Rosemary This will help you stay hydrated while enjoying the wonderful properties of the fruit and herbs. Delish! 2. Keep away from anything excessively spicy or oily. Add coconut and cilantro to your meals for an added cooling and flavor! 3. Keep
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Everybody Be Cool: Simmer-Down Strategies for Heated Moments

Summer is here! Yeah, the solstice is still actually a couple of weeks away. But the heat of the season has certainly made an appearance. And with that heat, you may find yourself feeling a little…uncomfortable at times. Irritated. Short-tempered and grumpy, even. ‘Cause you’re a human being who responds to your environment, you know? In Ayurveda, these heat-induced reactions are linked to the
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