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Next Yoga for Beginners series starts Sept. 5–just 8 spaces left! Contact us at for info.

August Membership Sale: 50% OFF your first month of our Dedicated Yogi membership! New members only; see pricing page for details, or contact studio manager Jackie Evans at to sign up!

“This is a great studio for yogis and yoginis of all skill levels. It is a welcoming, judgment free environment that is enhanced by the instructors’ interest in every student that walks in the door. Furthermore they provide many opportunities to engage in the local yoga community with weekly events in and outside the studio.

Love it, recommend it, check it out!!!”


Don’t have time for tons of time consuming additions to your daily schedule?  No problem!  Here are 3 things you can do today to help nourish your body and your mind so you can rest easy when life isn’t! STRESS FIX’S IN A HURRY: These literally add zero extra time to your day but pay-off is BIG! Drink Hot Water First Thing in AM.
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Get (Back) Into the Groove

For all the romantic notions about endless summer days spent lazing about, I find that as late August arrives, I’m looking around for the t-shirt that says “Over It.” But wait! You say. How can you be “over” relaxing fun times?! Aren’t we supposed to want that? Isn’t yoga about finding space, doing only what’s necessary, not blowing our circuits with too much thinking/doing/worrying/obsessing/freaking out?
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Inhabit the Pause by Joni Young

Previously on this blog, we’ve talked about the pitta dosha and strategies to cool its fire. I’d like to share how yoga has helped me to enjoy the benefits of my pitta nature and reduce some of its downside. People with a heavy dose of pitta in their nature are great “doers”. We move easily from task to task striking one item after the
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