Behold- The Power Of A Neti Pot!

As we transition into fall, one of the things we may be concerned with is staying strong and healthy so we don’t fall victim to the onslaught of colds and flu that will be soon hitting the streets. With this one tool, you can cut down your likely hood of catching a cold by 90%!!! Okay, okay that is just my personal experience- but
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Why Take A Yoga Teacher Training and Choosing One That Is Right For You

There are plenty of Yoga Teacher Training programs out there, so how do you choose? Why take one? And how does our training stand out from the rest? Well, there are a million reasons to take a teacher training, and here are just a few: Go beyond the weekly class experience and delve into the vast and ancient areas of study that yoga has
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Nataraja, dancing

Theater of Memory: the Roasted Chile, the Dancing Gods

I am standing at my kitchen counter, peeling the green chile we’ve just taken from the roaster, feeling the deep yet unsettling familiarity of…something. I stop and listen. We have an album playing, “Show Your Bones” by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs; the last time I listened to it, we were living in Buffalo, NY where my husband studied for his doctorate.  Oh, that’s what
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quinoa enchiladas

Freakin’ Food: My Crock Pot and I: A love story…..

As we begin to enter the fall season things always seem to amp up! Kids are back in school, business start to get ready for the holidays, the weather gets cooler, you get back to your normal routine and 3 day weekends are fewer and far between. With my schedule getting busier and the nights getting cooler it is finally time to take out
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Fall down seven times, get up eight: yoga doesn't need you to be perfect.

It’s Not Going to be Perfect, But Hopefully You Will Laugh Sometimes: What Yoga Is Asking of You

As human beings, it seems we’re attracted to short lists of steps we can take to make a Perfect Life. Magazines know this: every single month, their covers boast “Five Ways to End Stress NOW!” and “Four Super-Foods to Beat the Common Cold!” and “The ONE killer move that will make you look awesome in sweat pants!” We’re busy, and we want to be
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short on time


Don’t have time for tons of time consuming additions to your daily schedule?  No problem!  Here are 3 things you can do today to help nourish your body and your mind so you can rest easy when life isn’t! STRESS FIX’S IN A HURRY: These literally add zero extra time to your day but pay-off is BIG! Drink Hot Water First Thing in AM.
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Having a Routine is a Strength!

Get (Back) Into the Groove

For all the romantic notions about endless summer days spent lazing about, I find that as late August arrives, I’m looking around for the t-shirt that says “Over It.” But wait! You say. How can you be “over” relaxing fun times?! Aren’t we supposed to want that? Isn’t yoga about finding space, doing only what’s necessary, not blowing our circuits with too much thinking/doing/worrying/obsessing/freaking out?
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Take Your Time! A pause between activities, and even between breaths, will help you keep your cool.

Inhabit the Pause by Joni Young

Previously on this blog, we’ve talked about the pitta dosha and strategies to cool its fire. I’d like to share how yoga has helped me to enjoy the benefits of my pitta nature and reduce some of its downside. People with a heavy dose of pitta in their nature are great “doers”. We move easily from task to task striking one item after the
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mini calzone

Freakin’ Food: Kid Friendly Cooking and Yeast Free Mini Calzones!

Cooking with kids can be equal parts “ I love seeing them smile and engage with their food” and “why do I not shop at Costco for extra jumbo packs of paper towels?!” While I don’t have any kids of my own I have taken care of kids of all ages and one of my favorite things to do with them is cook. The
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Courage in Action

Fear, Courage and Movement: Possibility Begins in the Body

As you might have concluded from watching the news or reading your Facebook feed, the last couple of weeks have been an amazing, and upsetting, and confounding time to be alive. Things I thought we might never see happen have happened, things both joyful and horrific. Marriage equality and the murderous attack on black people praying in their church—in  the span of one week,
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