Love Your Neighbor

What’s that old saying about your neighbors? Love your neighbor or something? Well, today this bit hit home for me as I lay in fetal position- no, not crying on my kitchen floor as I can remember doing a few years back- but on my yoga mat after a splendidly taught class by Damon Scott. As I felt my body melding with the earth,
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Redefine Your Practice

Ok- so here it is- a real life, un-veiled peak into my personal practice…ever evolving for sure. Today seemed like a particularly perfect time to write about how we define our personal practice. (She writes on her laptop while in Pidgeon pose). There is the practice that can happen in that perfectly and simplistically decorated and dedicated space- where there are no interruptions, and
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Summer (Yoga) Poetry Project: Fire/Space

Summer (Yoga) Poetry Project: Fire/Space

This week’s episode of the Summer (Yoga) Poetry Project is inspired by the kind practice you do when you don’t know what else in the world to do with yourself. This is usually a good time to sit down. Much love and thanks for reading, Erin 2. Fire/Space when you finally do concede the seat of your rage you might discover an astonishing tenderness
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How I Came to Know Faith

Okay, so here we go, my first blog post since giving birth.  I was advised- “blog about being pregnant, about your changing practice or your insights etc”.  All I can say is that it didn’t feel right, I couldn’t do it.  For someone like me, who usually doesn’t hesitate to share my experiences, ideas or processes, this came as a surprise.  Being pregnant was
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Putting Words into Practice: Water

Putting Practice into Words: Summer (Yoga) Poetry Project

In wading into the slower, daydreamy rhythm of summer, I’ve been reminded that one of the avenues for my own learning–one of the ways in which yoga happens for me–is through writing. I love the ways in which putting words on a page creates a sense of conversation, even if I’m not immediately sure who that conversation is happening with. But the partners in
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You Minus Sugar: The First Three Days

Okay, to lay out some basic details: the first three days of the detox program I’ll be following are the most stringent. It’s basically protein (in the form of chicken, fish, turkey, red meat, tofu, tempeh, beans, nuts and seeds) vegetables (minus a few high-sugar veggies like beets, carrots, summer squash, sweet potatoes–thankfully, these come back into the mix very soon), and fats (olive
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The power to feel good is within you!

You Minus Sugar = Super You

Sugar. Oh, honey honey. You build up in my system so innocently at first, enticing me with your promises of late-afternoon energy and lasting satisfaction. I buy it for a while. I think, “what’s with all this gluten-free obsession? (Because, y’know, grains = glucose) As long as I stay active, sleep enough and eat well most of the time, all this anti-grain, anti-sugar brouhaha
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Marlita teaches our $5 Gentle Yoga Hour on Thursdays from 10-11 a.m., and All Levels Yoga on Saturdays from 9:30-11 a.m. Come check out her wonderful classes!

Meet Your Teachers: Marlita Price

Marlita teaches our $5 Gentle Yoga Hour on Thursdays from 10-11 a.m., and All Levels Yoga on Saturdays from 9:30-11 a.m. Come check out her wonderful classes! Meet Your Teachers: Marlita Price How would you describe your teaching style?  For me, teaching is kind of like making a tasty stew because the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.  It’s the overall
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Quela, rocking her handstand in the sand.

Meet Your Teachers: Quela Robinson

Quela teaches our Thursday noon $5 Power Hour–a great way to prepare for the weekend! How would you describe your teaching style?  I would describe my teaching style as grounded and accessible to everyone What is your favorite thing about yoga? My favorite thing about yoga is that no other endeavor will accept you exactly as you are and improve you with or without
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Home Yoga Practice

How to Develop a Home Yoga Practice:

This title was almost: “How Pregnancy Helped Me to Find My Home Practice”; but then it occurred to me that in fact we all struggle to create a practice for ourselves.  We all can have a difficult time finding the inspiration and enthusiasm that is so contagious and energizing in a group class. The fact is, a home practice is a very, very different
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