The Illusive Journey to Balance

It seems so simple yet so difficult to achieve, a state of balance. For a long time when people would ask me to help them understand Ayurveda I would struggle to explain various Sanskrit terms, what they mostly meant and how to incorporate the various ways that those things would somehow help them. This would take way to long and lead to much confusion
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Ganesha mural at Grassroots Yoga

On Broken Tusks and Being Enough

As some of you know, we recently began offering philosophy classes at Grassroots—a dream of ours since we opened our doors a few years ago! And of course, our first series is focused on the Bhagavad Gita—a favorite story around here. During the first week’s lecture, teacher Kashyapa Fisher reminded us of the origin story of the Mahabharata—the longest epic poem in existence, authored
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Compassion: something Yoga and 12 Step Recovery both emphasize

Everything a Yogi Would Ever Want to Know About the 12 Steps by Joe Lewis

Unless you have been living under a rock (or maybe in an isolated ashram in India) for the past 30 years you have probably heard of the 12 Steps. I say this because in our society 1 in 3 people are addicts or are  affected by addiction. The 12-Steps– and the meetings, fellowship, literature, and ideas of addiction that surround them–have allowed more people
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Caring for Your Springtime Meridians

According to Chinese medicine, the life-energy known as Qi , or Prana, flows through a system of meridians in our bodies.  A different set of meridians is active during each season. Spring is the season for the liver and gallbladder meridians. These meridians care for the liver and gallbladder organs themselves as well as the eyes, blood, tendons and ligaments. The Major Functions of
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rasas masks

Philosophy Geek’s Corner: On post-punk noise, the Wheel of the Rasas, and establishing a permanent interest in life

While reading “Girl in a Band,” Kim Gordon’s recently-published memoir, I remembered for the first time in years a conversation I had once with a friend and fellow music geek. I was in my third year of college. He was going in a few hours to see a performance by the avant garde composer Phillip Glass, and I said something like “I wonder what
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digestive system

Ayurveda Superheroes: Increase metabolism, immunity and energy by avoiding bad food combinations

There is a lot of discussion about detox diets and the latest research on how to best support the body in eliminating toxins and increasing vitality. One of the most powerful ways we can do this has nothing to do with diets, detoxes or supplements. It has to do with learning about what foods should and shouldn’t be eaten together. Ayurveda has some very easy
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Freakin’ Food: Make that Annie’s Rabbit Jealous….

For me, a home is made in the kitchen. January brought a lot of changes to my life but finally, this past week, I am settled. Settled into a new house, a new routine, and a new dog. To seal the deal I needed to settle into my kitchen. While normally my kitchen is filled with kale salad and hemp seeds sometimes after a
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Philosophy Geek’s Corner: A Big Version of Love

Valentine’s Day: whether you love it or loathe it, it seems to be one of the most divisive holidays on our cultural calendar. Got a sweetie to celebrate with? Maybe you adore the day and look forward to it (or maybe you break out in an anxiety-induced sweat, wondering what’s expected of you on a day like this.) On the other side of things, did you happen
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A New Year Calls for New Beginnings

With a New Year comes new beginnings. So far in the month of January, it has proven to be as such. I started this new year with a 200 hour yoga teachers training course to take me out of my comfort zone and allow myself to experience this with an open heart and above all see where it leads me. I had never dreamed
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Compassion: something Yoga and 12 Step Recovery both emphasize

Dive into 2015 with Compassionate Courage ❤

As we kick off this New Year am flooded with the opportunity to cultivate courage, compassionately. In this process I am re-defining what that word means to me. It can’t just be all power, all effort, all fire and all battle. I realize now that in the past I really used to think that having courage meant being ready for the fight, taking something
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