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Meet Your Teachers: Josh Forman

Josh teaches our Wednesday night 5:30-7 All Levels Vinyasa class, our Thursday night 7:30-8:30 $5 Intro to Acrobatic Yoga, and our Thursday night 8:30-9:30 $5 Acrobatic Yoga Jam. –How would you describe your teaching style?  Philosophical warrior-poet dance techniques that will make you smile.   –What’s your favorite thing about yoga? Yoga is an ever-present strategy for coming into deeper and subtler connections with
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Dealing With Demons

  It’s that time. Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, the burning of Zozobra and El Kukui…the time of year during which we make room for the demons and monsters and creepy-crawly aspects of life in ways that become, y’know, fun.  Because normally? Normally, we reserve phrases like “facing your demons” to describe life’s most harrowing, challenging, not-sure-I’ll-survive-this experiences. Kind of the opposite of fun.
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Meet Your Teachers: Jennifer Dominique

Jennifer (you can also call her Jenny!) teaches our Monday 10-11 a.m. $5 Yoga Hour, and our Thursday 5:30-7 p.m. All Levels Vinyasa class. –How would you describe your teaching style? Vinyasa flow. I am a total sucker for a smooth but energetic flow class.  I enjoy mixing things up with creative sequencing, and offering challenges in a safe but fun way. –What’s your
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