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The Illusive Journey to Balance

It seems so simple yet so difficult to achieve, a state of balance. For a long time when people would ask me to help them understand Ayurveda I would struggle to explain various Sanskrit terms, what they mostly meant and how to incorporate the various ways that those things would somehow help them. This would take way to long and lead to much confusion
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Freakin’ Food: Make that Annie’s Rabbit Jealous….

For me, a home is made in the kitchen. January brought a lot of changes to my life but finally, this past week, I am settled. Settled into a new house, a new routine, and a new dog. To seal the deal I needed to settle into my kitchen. While normally my kitchen is filled with kale salad and hemp seeds sometimes after a
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Memberships: Unlimited Yoga = Happier You

You know how great you feel after a really good yoga class…calm,strong and ready for the world. What if you could feel that way as often as you wanted? …That’s what our Dedicated Yogi Membership is for! Dedicated Yogi Membership includes: Unlimited Weekly Classes with some of the most highly-trained teachers in Albuquerque 50% discount on workshops and series classes with our teachers 20%
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Love Your Neighbor

What’s that old saying about your neighbors? Love your neighbor or something? Well, today this bit hit home for me as I lay in fetal position- no, not crying on my kitchen floor as I can remember doing a few years back- but on my yoga mat after a splendidly taught class by Damon Scott. As I felt my body melding with the earth,
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Redefine Your Practice

Ok- so here it is- a real life, un-veiled peak into my personal practice…ever evolving for sure. Today seemed like a particularly perfect time to write about how we define our personal practice. (She writes on her laptop while in Pidgeon pose). There is the practice that can happen in that perfectly and simplistically decorated and dedicated space- where there are no interruptions, and
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Meet Your Teachers: Quela Robinson

Quela teaches our Thursday noon $5 Power Hour–a great way to prepare for the weekend! How would you describe your teaching style?  I would describe my teaching style as grounded and accessible to everyone What is your favorite thing about yoga? My favorite thing about yoga is that no other endeavor will accept you exactly as you are and improve you with or without
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Meet Your Teachers: Josh Forman

Josh teaches our Wednesday night 5:30-7 All Levels Vinyasa class, our Thursday night 7:30-8:30 $5 Intro to Acrobatic Yoga, and our Thursday night 8:30-9:30 $5 Acrobatic Yoga Jam. –How would you describe your teaching style?  Philosophical warrior-poet dance techniques that will make you smile.   –What’s your favorite thing about yoga? Yoga is an ever-present strategy for coming into deeper and subtler connections with
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Meet Your Teachers: Jennifer Dominique

Jennifer (you can also call her Jenny!) teaches our Monday 10-11 a.m. $5 Yoga Hour, and our Thursday 5:30-7 p.m. All Levels Vinyasa class. –How would you describe your teaching style? Vinyasa flow. I am a total sucker for a smooth but energetic flow class.  I enjoy mixing things up with creative sequencing, and offering challenges in a safe but fun way. –What’s your
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