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Organizing Change: Saraswati

A new year is an exciting occasion: a perennial opportunity for do-overs, makeovers, fresh starts, changes.We often start with great ideas, eager to dive in to our shiny new plans for life. With such great intentions, why do so few new year’s resolutions (some reports say just 8%) come to fruition? What’s the deal? Who do we contact about this? Well, in the words
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Holiday Survival Guide: Family Edition!

Here we are, on the doorstep of the holidays. Maybe you can’t wait to step across that threshold and get your celebration on. Or, if you’re like me, you feel a combination of “I’ve been looking forward to this all year” and “how am I going to get through all this without going insane?” Quite often the holidays come with a heaping helping of
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Love Your Neighbor

What’s that old saying about your neighbors? Love your neighbor or something? Well, today this bit hit home for me as I lay in fetal position- no, not crying on my kitchen floor as I can remember doing a few years back- but on my yoga mat after a splendidly taught class by Damon Scott. As I felt my body melding with the earth,
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Redefine Your Practice

Ok- so here it is- a real life, un-veiled peak into my personal practice…ever evolving for sure. Today seemed like a particularly perfect time to write about how we define our personal practice. (She writes on her laptop while in Pidgeon pose). There is the practice that can happen in that perfectly and simplistically decorated and dedicated space- where there are no interruptions, and
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Dealing With Demons

  It’s that time. Halloween, Dia de los Muertos, the burning of Zozobra and El Kukui…the time of year during which we make room for the demons and monsters and creepy-crawly aspects of life in ways that become, y’know, fun.  Because normally? Normally, we reserve phrases like “facing your demons” to describe life’s most harrowing, challenging, not-sure-I’ll-survive-this experiences. Kind of the opposite of fun.
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