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“Allow the emotion to ripen. Allow your grief and anger to flower and they will die their own natural death. Suppress them and they will fight for their existence. Stay in the stops between the breath. Stay in the gap between your thoughts.” – Dr. Lad B.A.M.S., M.A.Sc. I imagine many of us found our way to our yoga practice through various stumbles- stumbles
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As we enter into the spring and the cold melts and warmer days grow season I am infused with a sense of potency and creativity- of potential. This potential inspires me and even my cells seem to awaken to a sense of vibrancy. How do we tap into our own potential of the burgeoning spring season and allow ourselves to identify places of potential
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Dare To Dream BIG This New Year!

Reflecting on how this last year went and those implications for the new year? Curious about what this new year will bring? Desiring a new beginning, a new hope, a new perspective? In my experience when there is an opportunity for something new-  I know it’s time to let myself sink deeply into my heart where my passions mingle with my soul, and find
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For a very long time we have been shuffled into labels, political camps, gender roles and various identifications with our roles in our families and/or careers.  This process of identification usually simultaneously results in a sense of separateness, which often leads to increasing feelings of isolation and disconnection. We are in a unique time at this moment, where the current season of fall lends
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SEPTEMBER – Gratitude: Positively Present

With season’s changing, school starting, and the new year lurking around the corner this can be a crazy time for many of us! As we aim to find a balance between all the little pieces that make up our day to day life, we often feel scattered and rushed. Being grateful is one of the best ways to embrace a positive, present life. When
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FREE 30-Minute Ayurvedic Sessions- Book Now!

Feel Calm, Centered and Energized- Even When Stress Hits! Maybe your digestion is off or your struggling to get good sleep. Do you wake up feeling out of it and irritable? Or maybe you have energy until the afternoons hits and BAM! you crash. These signs of imbalances are quickly relieved with simple steps that can be implemented today! I have seen and felt the
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5th Anniversary Membership Drive! Now through JULY 31

Dear Grassroots Yoga Community, We are proud to be celebrating our fifth year in business.  Thank you so very much for your loyalty and support these past five years.  We are humbled and grateful for the opportunity to serve so many in our community and in such a profound and fun way. But… we have so much more to give to so many others
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Behold- The Power Of A Neti Pot!

As we transition into fall, one of the things we may be concerned with is staying strong and healthy so we don’t fall victim to the onslaught of colds and flu that will be soon hitting the streets. With this one tool, you can cut down your likely hood of catching a cold by 90%!!! Okay, okay that is just my personal experience- but
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Why Take A Yoga Teacher Training and Choosing One That Is Right For You

There are plenty of Yoga Teacher Training programs out there, so how do you choose? Why take one? And how does our training stand out from the rest? Well, there are a million reasons to take a teacher training, and here are just a few: Go beyond the weekly class experience and delve into the vast and ancient areas of study that yoga has
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Don’t have time for tons of time consuming additions to your daily schedule?  No problem!  Here are 3 things you can do today to help nourish your body and your mind so you can rest easy when life isn’t! STRESS FIX’S IN A HURRY: These literally add zero extra time to your day but pay-off is BIG! Drink Hot Water First Thing in AM.
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