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Love Your Neighbor


What’s that old saying about your neighbors? Love your neighbor or something?

Well, today this bit hit home for me as I lay in fetal position- no, not crying on my kitchen floor as I can remember doing a few years back- but on my yoga mat after a splendidly taught class by Damon Scott.

As I felt my body melding with the earth, my mind wandered in the direction of the person also curled up on her mat in front of me. Maybe this post would be more poignant somehow if I would continue talking deeply about how someone I didn’t know moved me so deeply I had to share. But, my friends, not the case, at least not today.

Today I lay there looking at a dear friend and business partner, a confidant and a teacher, a mother and a seeker. Someone who shares my passion for creativity, communication, expansion and possibility both within and around ourselves. We tell each other often how lucky we are to be on this path together. How fortunate we are to do this business of yoga with one another. Her dedication to the practice, to the community and to her family is unwavering. Her strength to find balance in all she stands for, in all she does, with everyone who asks from her is humbling. Yup- I’m singing her praises, because as I lay there on my mat I found myself so deeply moved, wishing that for one second she could see what I see. That she could burst with pride and joy at the wonderful and masterful woman she is.

So today my blog post is intended to try to put into words the intense gratitude and admiration I felt right at that very moment. From the very deepest part of my heart, NAMASTE to my longtime friend and business partner, Erin Hansbrough. I could kiss your feet!

Maybe you know someone who lights up your life and makes each day a bit more adventurous or joyful. Let them into your eyes to have a look at themselves when it moves you . Go ahead and love your neighbor ~



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