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You Minus Sugar = Super You

The power to feel good is within you!
The power to feel good is within you!

The power to feel good is within you!

Sugar. Oh, honey honey. You build up in my system so innocently at first, enticing me with your promises of late-afternoon energy and lasting satisfaction. I buy it for a while. I think, “what’s with all this gluten-free obsession? (Because, y’know, grains = glucose) As long as I stay active, sleep enough and eat well most of the time, all this anti-grain, anti-sugar brouhaha seems a little…I dunno...dramatic.”

But not as dramatic as, say, arriving at the end of the day feeling exhausted, even when I’d slept well? Not as dramatic as the sort of free-floating, based-on-nothing-notable anxiety that creeps in from time to time, always when I least want it? Not as dramatic as my post-triathlon recovery taking longer than I wanted, thus causing me to question my ability to continue with something I love? Yeah….no. Not buying it any longer.

After celebrating my post-triathlon week with what I had cleverly convinced myself was a “Mediterranean diet” (bread, cheese, salad, wine, chocolate) my body put on the breaks. Actually it said, “screw you, I am DONE with this charade! You know better!”

And as I’ve learned from my yoga practice, knowing something doesn’t matter if you don’t put it into practice. So I dove in. With the book The Sugar Detox by Brooke Alpert as my guide, it was time to create a happier blood sugar situation, and a healthy, grounded and strong lead-in to the summer months.

I’ll be chronicling my detox experience on this blog; check in each week for all the joy, pain and delicious, easy recipes that I’m expecting will come along with it. So stay tuned–and if you have questions, comments or wisdom to share, bring it on! We’d love to hear from you!










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